If you haven’t yet tried consuming cannabis in an edible form, there are a few things you should know before giving it a go. Of all the various methods one can use to feel the effects of cannabis, edibles offer a unique experience without some of the more unsavory side effects.

Apart from simply avoiding the smoke and secondhand issues associated with smoking, consuming cannabis edibles gives you a bit of a slow burn, while still having a noticeable effect.

Changes in the High

Smoking cannabis is quick business. You light up, inhale and feel the effects fairly quickly. They can be rather potent, depending on how much and which strain you are using. The high from smoking also lasts a couple hours, at most.

When eating cannabis, things tend to move a little slower. Since the stuff is going into your stomach first, it’s going to need to be broken down, digested and absorbed into your bloodstream before you start feeling anything. This process can take upwards of an hour, of not longer.

Once you start feeling the effects, they’re also going to last longer than smoking, anywhere from four to six hours, which is pretty impressive. However, the strength of the high is going to feel a bit weaker than the kind you may get from smoking.

This depends, though, on how much you’ve eaten. One issues with edibles, particularly for those trying them for the first time, is the fact they take a while to kick in. This can lead people to eat way more than they need to, making the psychoactive effects far stronger than expected. This can lead to some of the more unsavory side effects.

Changes in the Strain

Cooking cannabis can have a weakening effect on the effects of the specific strain you’re using. So, when using something like sativa or indica, you may notice you’re not feeling as energized or relaxed, respectively. For the most part, all edibles are going to have pretty much the same effect, no matter which strain you’ve used.

One thing of note, the liver, it seems, has the capability of transforming THC, making it stronger and enhancing its sedative effect. This is something to keep in mind, since consuming cannabis via an edible gets the liver involved thanks to the digestive process. The key to eating cannabis is moderation, really. Take it easy, figure out your limits, and don’t go overboard.

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