Growing cannabis doesn’t need to be a difficult process. For the most part, the plant is going to grow itself, you just need to do a little bit along the way to help it out. You also need to make sure you don’t do the kinds of things which might cause it to either have a bad yield or, in a worst-case scenario, die.

Managing Soil pH Level

Soil pH is a big deal for pretty much any plant. The acidity of your soil can vary depending on which type you use, where you live and what your environment is like. If not using soil, instead opting for a hydroponic setup, you still need to keep an eye on those pH levels.

If you just toss a plant into a pot or hydroponics system and it does well, consider yourself lucky. If you want to make sure you’re doing it right the first time, get yourself a pH tester and check it out. For hydroponic systems, your pH level should be between 5.5 and 6.5. For soil, you’re looking for a pH between 6 and 7.

Overfeeding Your Plants

When using nutrients on your plants, don’t just follow whatever the bag says. Typically, this is going to be far too strong for your plant and could, in fact, result in nutrient burn. Nutrient burn shows up initially as yellowing tips on the leaves of your plant.

When following the feeding schedule suggested by the manufacturer, consider only using about a quarter of the amount it says to use during each feeding session. This should be enough, but if your plant seems to need more, feel free to bump it up a little at a time.


Once you’ve got your plants potted or situated, you’re going to want to water them. In your excitement, you’re probably going to want to water them a lot. This would, however, not be a good idea. Overwatering your plants can cause them to become limp, and even to die.

A good rule of thumb is to feel the top inch of your planting material. If it’s dry, give your plant some water. If not, let it soak all that up first.

Not Enough Light

Cannabis plants, just like any other plant, need a fair amount of light. That isn’t to say you can’t get the job done with regular light bulbs, you’ll just need to make sure you have enough of them to make a difference.

Basically, the more light, the better. There isn’t a hard and fast rule to this except to say that your plant is going to need a lot of light, so keep that in mind when you get around to growing for the first time.

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