What do you get if you combine a Porn Star, a Gourmet Chef and a Cannabis Aficionado? Mary Jane's Apron, starring Adult Performer Delirious Hunter!

Welcome To Mary Jane's Apron - Where Marijuana is not just smoked; it's baked, fried, grilled, glazed, pickled, and marinated.

In Delirious Hunter's words, "Enjoy my collection of original cannabis cooking shows, curated videos and articles on the topic! If you haven’t yet tried consuming cannabis in an edible form, there are a few things you should know before giving it a go. Of all the various methods one can use to feel the effects of cannabis, edibles offer a unique experience without some of the more unsavory side effects. Apart from simply avoiding the smoke and secondhand issues associated with smoking, consuming cannabis edibles gives you a bit of a slow burn, while still having a noticeable effect."

Mary Jane's Apron stars Delirious Hunter as the marvelous Mary Jane.

Brought to you by the following [NSFW] creative folks;
Angie Rowntree
Colin Rowntree

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